El Salvador Market Expansion Strategies

July 20, 2020

USRPA continues the success of its partnership with the Salvadorian Rice Association (ASALBAR), the local rice millers group, to conduct a promotional campaign to address the constraint of a lack of consumer awareness of rice. Campaign messages will point out to consumers that rice is an economical source of good nutrition it is abundant and appetizing, so the Salvadorian consumer would be persuaded to eat rice every day at more than one meal. USRPA will also emphasize that most Salvadorian brands use U.S. rice.

USRPA’s Market Expansion Strategies are conducting in supermarkets, and also includes radio spots on national coverage, radio interviews and a page layout in a culinary magazine to expand our message that rice is a nutritious and economical addition to their daily diet for Salvadorians. Promotional activities are conducted by a well-known chef “La Chilena” across El Salvador but mainly in San Salvador. The campaign slogan is “Todo es mas nutritivo con Arroz” (Everything is more Nutritious with rice)  is used repeatedly through the campaign in supermarket promotions, magazine advertisements and radio spots, that way the consumers will have constant reinforcement that rice is nutritious and can be combined in many ways to provide a healthy meal.

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