The CCA meeting this year will be a live virtual meeting through Zoom.  The live meeting will be held on November 23rd. 

Participants must be registered and participate online at a live event to receive credit.  Two sessions will be offered for registration. 

The morning session will cover IPM, Crop, and Nutrient Management.  The afternoon session will cover Soil & Water Management. 

The registration links for the 2020 CCA Meeting Morning and Afternoon sessions are available.

The morning and afternoon sessions will provide 4 CEU’s in each for a total of 8 CEU’s.

The morning session will provide 1.5 IPM, 1.5 Nutrient, and 1.0 Crop. 
The afternoon session will provide 4.0 Soil & Water.

The registration fee is $35 per session. 

Regardless if planning to attend one or both sessions, registrants will have to register separately through the provided links:

Questions: Anthony Ohmes 573-243-3581