Mobile Cooking Demonstration: The main staples of the Guatemalan diet are beans and corn and a comprehensive promotional program will be jointly conducted with local rice industry officials to make consumers aware of the benefits, both economical and nutritional, of adding rice to the diet. Underprivileged people simply have not been taught the fundamentals of nutrition and budgeting for food value. They are unlikely to experience what rice can do for their diets and budgets until someone demonstrates how to properly prepare it and combine it with other foods in simple but appetizing ways.

USRPA will continue our partnership with the Guatemalan Rice Association (ARROZGUA), the local rice producers and millers’ group, to conduct a promotional campaign to address the constraint of a lack of consumer awareness of rice.

The objective of the promotional campaign is to position rice as a regular food in the diet of low-income Guatemalan consumers.  The targets of promotions are housewives between 16 and 45 years of age who make purchasing decisions for households in socioeconomic levels C and D.

Campaign messages will point out to consumers that rice is an economical source of good nutrition and that rice tastes good and can be served more frequently in Guatemalan households. The campaign slogan “Eat Delicious, Eat Healthy, Eat Abundant, EAT Rice” is used repeatedly through the campaign.