USRPA Participates in SABOR USA in Guatemala

July 16, 2020

USRPA staff, Texas rice producers, and USA Rice representatives participated in Sabor USA in Ciudad Cayala, Guatemala City, an activity organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to promote American products locally. Sabor USA was highlighted by the participation of Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga, Agricultural Counselor Todd Drennan, and Sean Cox Agricultural Attaché. This year was the first year that USRPA and USARF joined to create promotional items together and work together jointly in a booth. In the past, both organizations had attended separately.

Sabor USA’s rice booth in Ciudad Cayala (left to right) Chef Javier (USA Rice), Ani Vettorazzi (USA Rice), Trey Barker (Texas farmer & USRPA Member Services), Bianka Rodriguez (USRPA Marketing Director), Roberto Wong (ARROZGUA General Director), Galen Franz (Texas farmer), Casey Smith (Texas farmer), Rosy Vettorazzi (USA Rice).

To prepare the paella, a team of 12 chefs used 150 pounds of rice, 50 pounds of shrimp, 50 pounds of chicken, 37 pounds of sausage and condiments. During the activity, 1547 rice samples (paella dish) were served. 

Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga (4th from right) and Agricultural Counselor Todd Drennan (5th from right) stopped by the rice stand.
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