2022 Spring-Summer Mexican Rice Production, Imports, & 2023 Mexican Rice Planting Intention Report

January 13, 2023

The Mexican Department of Agriculture – SIAP, reported on December 13, 2022, that until October 31, 2022, in the Spring-Summer cycle, 19% or 4,174 of the total planted rice hectares, have been harvested obtaining 38,945 MT of paddy rice, which will yield 25,626 MT of white rice.

Until this date, production by state in this Spring-Summer Cycle is as follows:

Veracruz – 59% or 23,004 MT – paddy rice

Morelos – 24% or 9,233 MT - paddy rice

Tabasco – 7% or 2,797 MT – paddy rice

Nayarit – 4%. or 1,434 MT – paddy rice

Rest of the states – 6% or 2,478 MT of paddy rice

The price paid to producers in Mexico at the field in October 2022, is reported at US$275 per MT, 7% higher than in September 2022, and 4.3% lower than the prices paid in October 2021. The wholesale reference price is US$1.05 per kilogram, 6.9% higher than in September 2022, and 30.3% higher than in October 2021. Consumer price is reported at US$1.70 per kilogram, 4.6% higher than in September 2022 and 4.5% higher than in October 2021.

Planting intention for the 2023 Fall-Winter cycle is being reported at 15,391 hectares, expecting production of 109,159 MT of paddy rice, which should yield 71 thousand MT of white rice.

SIAP informed that for the 2022/2023 commercial year:

  • Production expected is 158 thousand MT of white rice, 7.8% shorter than the previous CY.
  • Imports are expected to reach 1.048 million MT
  • Consumption is expected at 1.187 million MT
  • Exports are expected to reach 8 thousand MT
  • Carryover by September 2023, is estimated at 110 thousand MT, just enough for 1.1 months of supply
Source: SIAP


SIAP also reported that for the third consecutive month, rice imports exceeded 100 thousand MT accumulating 976 thousand MT until October 2022, representing an increase of 14.3% year over year. October imports reached 139,412 MT, 78 thousand MT more than in the same month in 2021, and 47 thousand MT more compared with the monthly average of 93 thousand MT.

According to the SIAP report, in October 2021, the United States, Uruguay, and Argentina were the main rice suppliers, however, this year, the Mexican President’s anti-inflation measures and the international context, have modified the import origins scenario, thus imports in October 2022, have come from Brazil with 88 thousand MT, Paraguay 28 thousand MT, and the United States 15 thousand MT.

Source: SIAP
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