Americas’ Rice Industry Gathers in Cancun, Mexico

June 14, 2024
Rice farmers, millers, exporters, importers, traders, government officials, and various allied industries from different parts of the Western Hemisphere and other regions worldwide convened in Cancun, Mexico for the annual Rice Market & Technology Convention hosted by the US Rice Producers Association. With a gathering of over 180 companies, this year's event sparked numerous discussions. Market factors such as Brazil's unprecedented flooding affecting supply and demand, the expected rise in long grain cultivation in the United States, and the uncertainty surrounding India's rumored export restrictions were key topics.

Attendees described the current market conditions as "the new normal."
Participants at the Dreams Natura Resort & Spa event were very positive, expressing remarks such as "I will return next year," "this conference stands out," "the event's atmosphere was fantastic," "a wonderful conference for networking with suppliers," and "the event's quality was impressive."
Major exporters/importers and rice brand companies were among the attendees who shared their feedback. Allied industries presented new technology on several fronts, gaining the attention of processors. 

"This year's RMTC has surpassed all expectations, and we are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback and eagerly anticipating the 2025 RMTC event scheduled for May 28-30, 2025 in Miami, Florida," stated Marcela Garcia, President & CEO of US Rice Producers Association.
In the upcoming weeks, we plan to share additional photos from this remarkable event.
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