Dyna-Gro Rice Research Field Day Shows Off the Future of U.S. Varieties

July 22, 2022

No one is more aware of the grain quality debate going on within the U.S. rice industry than Nutrien Ag’s Dyna-Gro rice breeding program. That was evident during yesterday’s field day at their rice research station located south of El Campo, Texas. Field day participants were given a history of the breeding program. While there are over 3,000 yield plots at the station, there are 4,000+ plots stretching from South Louisiana all the way to Tanner Seed Farms in Missouri. Ongoing activity in Puerto Rico, Nutrien’s molecular lab in Canada, key university researchers and rice farmers themselves, the ongoing program operates 12 months a year in continuous breeding projects. 

While the DG263L conventional variety released last year was a major step forward, it is part of a building block for the future. DGL2065 is being developed as a competitor for Presidio and Cheniere due to its high field yield and excellent ratoon characteristics along with an intermediate amylose and gel temperature. Milling is equal to or better than CL153 in tests. Dyna-Gro is currently evaluating 20 conventional hybrids with consistent yields, grain quality and improved agronomic traits. 

“These are very encouraging developments and creates positive news for rice buyers, in particular in the foreign marketplace that is vital to our farmers," Dwight Roberts, advisor to the USRPA who attended the event. "I am confident that the US rice is in the process of restoring its reputation for quality while raising profits for farmers.”

Learn more at www.nutrien.com.

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