El Salvador Rice Festival

July 21, 2020

USRPA’s ATP campaign “Rice Festival” in El Salvador. The festivals are a one-day event where a live cooking class is held at the event with Chef Jose Urias, he and his staff prepare diverse recipes from around the world and teach the attendees the benefits of US rice and how they can incorporate US rice on their daily diet, during the activities, promotional items, and recipe booklets are giving it away to the attendees.  Tents with kitchen modules are placed in town plazas, parks, or popular outdoor areas.  At the point of entry, we request the attendees to provide empty US rice packages to gain entry and we conduct consumer surveys as well. 

On-site, our campaign nutritionist, Lic. Guadalupe Argueta responds to all the questions about rice nutrition facts, she also participates in TV interviews. A rice mobile or a decorated sound car attract participants to promotional events and serve as a staging and promotional area. A rice character, a person in a costume, is part of promotional events as well. On the radio, we work eight radio stations of Grupo Radial Megavision announcing the Rice festival and rice capsules.

Chef Jose Urias and his staff during one of the Rice Festivals in El Salvador
USRPA Staff traveled to El Salvador to oversee the Rice Festival
From left to right: Bianka Rodriguez-USRPA Marketing & Promotions Director, Marcela de Miranda-ASALBAR Executive Director, Juan Pablo Alvarez-Mayor of Soyapango, El Salvador, Kevin Rodriguez-Director of Megavision, Joaquin Aguilar- Radio Corazon DJ.
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