Guatemala Market Expansion Strategies

July 20, 2020

Under the Market Expansion Strategies promotions, USRPA continues its partnership with the Guatemalan Rice Association (ARROZGUA), the local rice producers and millers group, to conduct promotional campaign to make consumers aware of the benefits, both economical and nutritional, of adding rice in the diet of low-income Guatemalan consumers.  The targets of promotions are housewives between 16 and 45 years of age who make purchasing decisions for households in socioeconomic levels C and D.

USRPA’s Market Expansion Strategies consist of bringing rice to town plazas, markets, supermarkets, fairs, and other locations for demonstrating how to cook rice while giving away recipe/information brochures on the benefits of adding rice to the diet.  These simple promotions allow people who have never tried rice, or are unfamiliar with it, to see how easily rice is prepared and how good it tastes.  Consumers are attracted to events by radio, newspaper ads, mobile sound trucks, posters, and fliers and may request future training courses for groups or institutes. Campaign messages will point out to consumers that rice is an economical source of good nutrition and that rice tastes good and can be served more frequently in Guatemalan households.  The campaign slogan “Eat Delicious, Eat Healthy, Eat Abundant, EAT Rice” will be used repeatedly through the campaign.

 School Nutrition Program and Market Expansion Strategies Campaign will be conducted in the same area simultaneously. We believe that with this strategy the consumer will be saturated with the same message in the schools and the nearby supermarkets and markets.

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