Mexico In-Store Cooking Demonstrations

July 21, 2020

Under the Market Expansion Strategies in Mexico, USRPA has partnered with the Mexican Rice Council and four of the largest rice millers that import U.S. rice to conduct the in-store cooking demonstrations. The annual per capita consumption rate for rice is about 15lbs. per year. It is one of the lowest per capita consumption rates in the western hemisphere.

The objective of the promotional campaign “Consume Arroz USA is to teach consumers of socioeconomic classes C, D & E at retail and wholesale centers where the activity is presented, the nutritional and economic benefits of including rice in their family’s daily diet. 

USRPA promotional activities are very effective and are similar to those frequently used by many branded products at retail outlets. Promotional teams work eight hours a day six days a week at a portable stand where rice is cooked and presented to large numbers of consumers who see rice prepared, taste it in a recipe, and receive oral, visual, and printed messages regarding rice. To reinforce the campaign, we include recipe books, coloring books, and diverse promotional items as part of the program.

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