Mexico Rice Festivals

July 21, 2020

Under the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP), USRPA and USA Rice conducted rice festivals in major cities throughout Mexico, such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Veracruz, and Merida.

The festivals were two-day events where U.S. rice was showcased in different recipes from around the world. Ten tents with twenty kitchen modules were placed in town plazas, parks, supermarkets, etc. Twenty culinary students from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) were in charge of preparing the 20 different recipes featured at the festival and teach the attendees the benefits of U.S. rice.

At the point of entry, we conducted consumer surveys. A rice mobile or a decorated sound car attracted participants to the event and served as a staging and promotional area. A rice character entertained children and young at heart as well.

US rice producers, US Rice Producers Association staff, Trey Barker, and USA Rice staff in the Rice Festival at Soriana Hiper San Nicolas, Monterrey NL, Mexico

From left to right, Raul Medina, Deputy Director of Operations and Administration of Boca del Rio Government, Miguel Layun, Director LP Mexico, Rafael Guzman, Marketing and production coordinator of Boca del Rio Government, Bianka Rodriguez, Marketing & Promotions Director USRPA and Alejandro Lozano, Director of Tourism of Boca del Rio Government.

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