New Horizon Ag Varieties Provide Best-In-Class Economic Returns

February 24, 2021

The highest rice yields possible or best-in-class economic returns. One is a nice “bragable.” The other is smart business. Farmers planting new Clearfield® varieties CLL16 and CLL17 from Horizon Ag in 2021 have the potential to enjoy the best of both – great yields and, most importantly, a better return on their investment.

“These new Clearfield varieties are attracting a lot of interest this season because of their potential for higher yields and milling premiums at a lower total production cost than comparable hybrids or conventional varieties,” says Dr. Tim Walker, Horizon Ag general manager. “They are game changers for farmers who understand that the story isn’t just about making good yields, it’s also about getting the most economic return at the end of the season.”

CLL16, a long grain Clearfield rice variety developed by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, has shown the potential for excellent rough rice yields, averaging higher than Diamond in university tests. Its performance consistency, high milling quality and industry-leading blast resistance make CLL16 the complete package for many rice farmers considering seed choices this season. It is also moderately resistant to Cercospora.

CLL17, a Louisiana-bred Clearfield variety, has consistently out-yielded CL153, the top-planted Louisiana variety in recent years, in multi-year trials in the state. It has solid ratoon crop potential in addition to featuring outstanding resistance to blast and Cercospora. CLL17 has also been proven to provide excellent milling yield and very good grain quality.

University and Horizon Ag tests have consistently shown CLL16 and CLL17 perform on par with leading Clearfield and FullPageä hybrids when it comes to yield potential. With their lower price tag for seed and industry leading disease resistance, however, the new Horizon Ag varieties provide farmers a chance for a higher economic return per acre.

“These Clearfield varieties offer positive step changes in yield potential relative to any rice seed available today, so for farmers who want high yields, they’re excellent choices,” says Dr. Walker. “At the same time, farmers looking for best-in-class economic returns from their fields will want to try these new varieties to see the positive overall impact on their bottom line. It’s a win-win situation.”

To learn more about new CLL16 and CLL17, as well as other Horizon Ag Clearfield and Provisia® Rice System varieties, go to

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