President Biden Releases “Skinny” Budget

April 16, 2021

Last week, President Biden released his FY 2022 “skinny” budget. The proposal includes $27.8 billion, a 16% increase, for agriculture programs. Increases align closely with the President’s priorities outline during his campaign and see in his recent infrastructure proposal.

Specifically, the bill provides increases to expand broadband access, upgrade drinking water and waste water infrastructure in rural communities, bolster public and private lands conservation, and advance clean energy usage and equity within the department. Additionally, the bill provides strong investment in research and development for farmers and local agriculture marketing programs to support local supply chains.

As evident in all the Administration’s initiatives, there is great emphasis on bolstering economic activity in rural communities. The President’s budget makes critical investment to create jobs and opportunities in rural America, restore America’s advantage, and address climate change through agricultural practices.

In addition to the “skinny” budget, we expect President Biden to release a detailed budget sometime late May.

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