Ralston Family Farms is America's Rice

June 25, 2021

Nestled in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley, some 65 miles northwest of Little Rock, is a rice farm far away from the beaten path of the traditional Arkansas Delta rice-farming region. A multi-generational family farm, Tim and Robin Ralston are carving their place in America’s rice industry as they grow, harvest and mill both traditional and aromatic varieties. Rice at Ralston Family Farms is a quality consumer product, not a commodity as evidenced by their successful marketing efforts to numerous retailers and supermarkets. These efforts are due to their mission: to provide the best tasting and highest quality rice available through sustainable farming practices that improve the land while giving back to help end the fight against food security across the United States.

A growing preference among consumers is Ralston’s system to grow sustainably for future generations and be good stewards of the land, a practice that has always been important to the family. Ralston Family Farms not only produces their own seed, farms, harvests, and mills their rice, they also brand it in patented, recyclable packaging with an easy pour spout. The revolutionary, eco-friendly packaging is completely unique to the market.

Ralston Family Farms' unique patented packaging give these specialty rice varieties an attractive appearance.
Unique patented packaging give these specialty rice varieties an attractive appearance.

Earlier this month Dwight Roberts, President & CEO of the US Rice Producers Association visited Ralston Family Farms located just south of the town Atkins on the Arkansas River. 

“I have visited rice farms and milling operations in numerous countries around the world but I don’t believe I have ever seen anything as unique as Ralston Family Farms and their attention to so many details,” Dwight said. “This is a real model for the future and I sincerely congratulate the Ralstons on their success through very hard work." 

Visit www.ralstonfamilyfarms.com to learn more about the varieties and the uniqueness of Ralston Family Farms.

Pictured left to right: Dwight Roberts, enjoys his visit with Robin and Tim Ralston.
Dwight Roberts enjoys his visit with Tim & Robin Ralston.
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