Rice Harvest Underway in Heilongjiang Province

October 23, 2020

Harvest in Heilongjiang Province is currently underway for medium grain rice.  The province is in northeast China and accounts for 6 million tons of Chinese medium grain production and is known for growing award-winning medium grain varieties, including Wuchang and Yanshou.  Rice from the region is famous for its stickiness, sweet after taste and unique cooking properties thanks to its unique geographical location which provides a significant difference in day and night temperature and unpolluted soil.

The region from Ha’erbin all the way to Jiamusi has suffered 3 hurricanes this summer, causing lodging of soybeans and corn, while the majority of the rice crop survived.   Typically, harvest in the region is completed in early October, unfortunately, recent wet weather resulted in a slower than normal harvest.  Due to continuous rains, combines and machinery were not able to go into the fields, therefore most of the crop is dependent on labor harvesting, delaying harvest by another month.    

USRPA has developed a friendship with the rice industry in the Heilongjiang Province and welcomes the opportunity to visit with members and allied industries in the region for future trade missions with China.

USRPA Vice President Marcela meeting with Mr. Lu, President of Har’erbin Grain Association in Beijing.
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