Neal Stoesser

Neal Stoesser is the Chair of the US Rice Producers Association and a board member of the Texas Rice Council. He also serves on the Texas Rice Research Foundation, the Liberty County Farm Bureau board, and consults on many local agricultural advisory committees. Neal is a proud member of the South Louisiana Rail Facility, which allows him to visit with many foreign markets. His main interest is the promotion of high-quality U.S. grown rice and advancing markets. Neal is a fourth-generation farmer, growing rice, soybeans, milo, hay and raising cattle along the Texas gulf coast. He had the pleasure of growing up watching his father, the late Ray Stoesser, advocate for the rice industry and now follows in his footsteps. Neal is joined on his farming operation by his wife, Meredith Stoesser, and two sons, Nate, and Wes. Neal looks forward to educating and serving for the good of the rice industry.
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