Marcela Garcia

Chief Executive Officer
Marcela Garcia, President and CEO, graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Spanish and Entrepreneurship. Garcia began working with USRPA as an intern in September 2008 and joined the USRPA team in May 2009. In addition to developing and implementing USRPA’s current International Promotions Programs, Garcia has been in charge of the annual Rice Marketing & Technology Convention, which brings together rice industry from throughout the Western Hemisphere, promoting international trade and networking. Garcia currently heads the logistics, planning and development of RMTC and serves as the first point of contact for RMTC Sponsors. Garcia has traveled throughout Latin America and Europe, attending events and meetings, representing the US Rice Producers Association and promoting the U.S. rice industry. Marcela Garcia is fully bilingual and currently resides in Katy, Texas.
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