A&M AgriLife Research & Extension, Texas Department of Ag meet with Texas Rice Industry Representatives

May 20, 2022

On May 13, the new Directors of Texas A&M AgriLife, Cliff Lamb, Director of Research and Rick Avery, Director of Extension, along with Dan Hale, Assistant Director of Ag and Natural Resources, spent the day with the Texas rice industry.

Stops included The Wintermann Rice Research Station in Eagle Lake, the LG Raun Farm near Round Mott, lunch with the Western Rice Belt Conference Planning Committee at Rice Belt Warehouse in El Campo, tour of the Rice Belt Facilities and ANF Air Service near Garwood to visit with crop consultants, Raymond Rabius Farm and drying and storage facility, near East Bernard, and supper with the Texas Rice Research Foundation and Texas Rice Council at Hlavinka's Equipment in East Bernard.

The directors learned about the Texas rice industry. At supper they gave a summary of what they had seen and heard throughout the day and discussed next steps moving forward for the Texas rice industry to be better served by AgriLife Research and Extension.

The Texas rice industry would like to express its appreciation to the directors spending the day in rice country, and look forward to an effective partnership to better the Texas rice industry.

At Raymond Rabius's Farm:
Left to Right: Dan Hale, Corrie Bowen, Tommy Turner, Cliff Lamb, Raymond Rabius, Rick Avery, Greg Baker, Tyler Fitzgerald, and Laramie Kettler
At the Wintermann Rice Research Station in Eagle Lake, Texas
Left to right: Cliff Lamb, Tommy Turner, Jason Samford: Farm Research Services Manager, Rick Avery, Tyler Fitzgerald, Corrie Bowen, Laramie Kettler
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