Texas Rice Roundup

November 3, 2023
Texas rice farmers through the Texas Rice Council partner with the US Rice Producers Association to promote the sale of Texas rice at home and throughout the world. Assisting in that effort, the generous support and involvement of our industry members have contributed greatly to the success of the US Rice Producers Association. While important issues are ongoing, we continue to make great progress for Texas rice farmers in important export markets such as Mexico, Central America, and throughout the Western Hemisphere and other potential areas. For the second year, USRPA would like to celebrate our farmers’ hard work and dedication by organizing a reception for them. It will be a great night out with a social hour, a three-course meal, an open bar, great music with a live band, a silent auction, and a live auction. It will be a night to get the rice farming community together and at the same time, help raise funds to continue our mission of promoting the U.S. rice to the world.
Ticket and Sponsorship Information
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