American Plant Food

It’s simple. Hardworking growers need hardworking materials and services. That’s where we come in. We’re here to ensure everything grows smoothly, from manufacturing to application.

At APF, we know that nutrient-rich soil is essential for collecting healthy returns every season, now and for generations to come. That’s why our focus is delivering superior soil health products and helping growers better understand what’s beneath their feet. We leverage our fertilizer experience into agronomic expertise while streamlining distribution.

American Plant Food was founded in 1964 in Houston, Texas, on a simple premise: to help growers everywhere get the most from their soil with high-quality fertilizer blends and services. Sensing opportunities for better soil health, we became early adopters of synthetic blending and added in-house “dirt doctors” to analyze soil samples and help educate growers. Today, no matter where success takes us, we’re advancing our almost sixty years of knowledge and sharing it with the next generation, so every season can outgrow the last.

APF currently operates ten dry-blending locations in Texas and markets tons of crop nutrients annually in the United States. Over the years, APF has been a leader in promoting the use of sulfur in sulfate form as an essential plant nutrient and has developed markets for ammonium sulfate to be used as a fertilizer, an herbicide adjuvant, municipal water treatment, fire inhibitor suppressant, and an animal feed supplement—among other industrial applications.

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Address: 903 Mayo Shell Rd, Galena Park, TX 77547
Phone: 713-675-2231
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