Lower Colorado River Authority

The Lower Colorado River Authority exists to serve the people of Texas. It’s been that way since the state Legislature created us in 1934. We continue that legacy today by providing a multitude of vital services to our customers and communities.

Our mission
To enhance the quality of life of the Texans we serve through water stewardship, energy, and community service.

What we do
We produce and deliver electric power, manage the lower Colorado River and provide a reliable water supply, manage a public parks system, and support community development.

LCRA is funded by the revenue we generate, the vast majority of which comes from generating and transmitting electricity. A very small portion of our revenue comes from selling water. We do not receive state appropriations or have the ability to levy taxes.

Our History
LCRA has deep roots in Texas, dating as far back as the Great Depression of the 1930s. We built the chain of dams that tamed the Colorado River and brought power to rural Central Texas for the first time.

Contact Kate Ramzinski www.lcra.org
Address: 3700 Lake Austin Blvd. Austin, TX 78703
Phone: 979-229-5711
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