US Long Grain Rice Featured on Guatemala T.V.

August 21, 2020

On August 17, Roberto Wong, Executive Director of ARROZGUA was interviewed in Guatevision a Guatemalan public television operated by the National Broadcasting System, with general and educational programming, whose headquarters is in Guatemala City. Today, has a 75.5% transmit frequency at the national level.

During the interview, Wong emphasized the importance of ARROZGUA's promotion program “Pon tu granito de arroz” (Put your grain of rice ) as well as the campaigns of the US Rice Producers Association carried out in conjunction with ARROZGUA “School Nutrition Program” & “Marketing Strategies”. Due to the events that we have all faced due to COVID-19, the social media campaign has been the ideal platform to teach Guatemalans the best way to add American long-grain rice to their daily diet.

During the broadcast, chefs presented recipes using American long-grain rice and encouraged the audience to follow our fan page on Facebook. There has been a 90 % increase of followers on the page from July 31 to today.

The social media campaign continues with photos, cooking tips, and rice facts to mention a few.

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