US Rice Master Class in Mexico Attracts New Followers

September 3, 2020

This week ended the first segment of the Master Class of American long-grain rice produced in Mexico by the US Rice Producers Association. During the first segment, Chef Melissa Morelos, MasterChef Mexico contestant, and finalist, presented various recipes from Latin America with American long-grain rice as the main ingredient. The Master Class was broadcast simultaneously on Zoom and via Facebook live on the Consume Arroz USA fan page.

The second segment starts September 7th and features chef Joaquín Quezada, Chief Instructor at the Valle de México University and Director of the International Hospitality, Cuisine, and Tourism Management Center for Studies. Chef Joaquín Quezada will be preparing his take on traditional Mexican recipes with American long-grain rice as the main ingredient.
Currently, the fan page has a total of 16,369 followers of which 989 are new followers who have joined in the last month.

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