USDA-FAS Export Sales Reporting and Maintenance System Upgrade

February 24, 2023

The Export Sales Reporting (ESR) Program is mandated by Congress and U.S. exporters are required to submit their export sales and export data weekly into the Export Sales Reporting and Maintenance System (ESRMS).

The U.S. Department of Agriculture-Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-FAS) began upgrading the close to 30-year-old ESRMS in 2019. As USDA-FAS moves closer to launching the new ESRMS 2.1, U.S. exporters reporting under the ESR Program have been invited to participate in ESRMS 2.1 Outreach Sessions.

These outreach sessions provide U.S. exporters the opportunity to see the ESRMS 2.1 user interface; the updated data entry screens and processes for manually entering or electronically uploading their weekly data submissions; and to provide feedback or suggestions on how ESRMS 2.1 can be improved before launching the system.

USDA-FAS scheduled six outreach sessions beginning in January 2023. Three outreach sessions remain. USDA-FAS strongly encourages those U.S. exporters who have not taken attended an outreach session to signup for one of the three remaining sessions at the following site: Please fill in the required information and indicate which session(s) you plan on attending. 

In addition, USDA-FAS will be providing information on ESRMS 2.1 virtual training sessions as well as user acceptance testing (UAT) in the next several months. We appreciate that everyone’s schedules are very busy, but ensure you that participating in the ESRMS 2.1 Outreach Sessions, virtual training, and UAT, will prove very beneficial when ESRMS 2.1 is launched.

Finally, for easy reference, USDA-FAS is posting all ESRMS 2.1 Outreach Sessions and virtual training classes online at the following site: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service ESRMS Announcements.

USDA-FAS looks forward to a smooth transition to ESRMS 2.1. Please reach out to Amy Harding ESR Team Lead at or 202-641-4935 should you have any questions or concerns.

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