USPRA Social Media Campaign in China Kicks Off

June 11, 2021

The first post of U.S. rice on China’s top social media networks, WeChat and Weibo, went live last week. Social media platforms Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and WeChat, with almost a billion monthly users, have become China’s top social media platforms. Implemented with USDA/FAS ATP program funding, USRPA manages official accounts on both platforms, allowing the U.S. rice industry to target China’s masses in a cost-effective manner, with the potential to achieve exposures in the millions. The account name is created with a catchy phrase in Chinese which literally means “Beautiful life originated from USA,” as the word "rice" is pronounced very similarly to “beautiful/good” in Mandarin. 

Bi-weekly posts will continue for the rest of the year, which will entail key product characteristics, such as U.S. rice growing cycles, farming practices, health benefits, and applications as well as recipes to engage with potential consumers across China.

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