The generous support and involvement of our industry members has contributed greatly to the success of the US Rice Producers Association. While important issues are ongoing, we continue to make great progress for U.S. rice farmers in important export markets such as Mexico, Central America and throughout the Western Hemisphere and other potential areas.

As an industry member of the US Rice Producers Association, your participation and guidance is critical to our continued success. We continue to be the only national rice organization comprised by rice farmers, elected by rice farmers and representing rice farmers in all six rice-producing states.

Benefits of USRPA Membership

  • Members are be among the first to hear about upcoming participation opportunities including special member opportunities.  Members can attend open meetings as a non-voting member, those dealing with domestic and international marketing, promotion, trade policy, legislative issues and any other industry concern that affects the rice farmer. A few opportunities members are invited to include:
    • The Texas Rice Council hosts a board meeting twice a year, in October and January
    • The USRPA Board hosts two board meetings a year in July and December
    • USRPA hosts the Central American Rice Federation’s December board meeting
  • Members are welcomed to travel with the USRPA to foreign markets that are of interest to your business. Member participation is welcome in current and new initiatives, both domestic and international as we pursue activities that have a positive impact on rice farmers. In past years, members participated in several opportunities including:
    • Research and trade mission trips to Morocco, China, Central America, Mexico City and South America
    • Reverse trade missions which included delegates from Japan, Central America and China
  • We welcome news and updates from USRPA Industry Members which we can share to our database of over 5,000 farmers and people in the rice industry throughout the world through our free weekly e-newsletter (Rice Advocate), regular RMTC email updates, targeted web ads and social media platforms which continue to gain followers.
  • Company’s logos and mission can be listed on the USRPA website for good publicity – please contact Veronica Galvan to send your logo and provide updated profile information to
  • Members have access to a wealth of information and contacts through staff – the USRPA has connections to rice organizations throughout the world and we strive to help our members achieve their goals

For questions, please contact Veronica Galvan at  We want your support to be profitable to your success as well, we welcome ideas and suggestions that will let us know what is best for your business.