USRPA Meets with Trade in El Salvador & Guatemala

May 3, 2024
Last week, USRPA traveled to El Salvador and Guatemala for trade meetings and to see USRPA promotions in action. The trip began in San Salvador and included meetings with local millers and tours of facilities. The group then flew to Guatemala City, where they met with FAS staff at the U.S. Embassy, toured various sized markets and grocery stores, and saw two promotional activities in action.   The two promotional activities included a visit to a local public school, where 60+ parents were taking a class on rice cooking methods. Then, the group headed to lunch at the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture, where USRPA and ARROZGUA were hosting a Big Pot event for Ministry staff. Nearly 500 staff members were served that day, and staff had the opportunity to meet with the Guatemalan Minister of Agriculture, Maynor Estrada.
USRPA COO Mollie Buckler and USRPA Board Member Mark Pousson in Acajutla, El Salvador's port city.
A full house for the rice class at the local public school.
Staff had the chance to serve the rice and beans at the end of the class.
A photo op at the Big Pot event with Minister of Agriculture Maynor Estrada, Ministry staff, and local millers.
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