USRPA New Members Spotlight

January 26, 2024
Microbes Biosciences is a biotechnology company focused on developing new technologies for the energy and agriculture sectors. As a diversified research and development company, we specialize in microbial technologies to enhance oil production from under-producing wells, accelerate bioremediation of contaminated soils and waters, control corrosion problems in the petroleum industry, and encourage beneficial soil health for increased crop production in agriculture and crop protection.
Microbes BioSciences is on the cutting edge of new discoveries that will drive technology breakthroughs and new product developments.
We look forward to discussing your needs and the next step is just a call away.
Visit our Website

Visit our Website
Viserion Grain, LLC is a newly formed grain company with a highly experienced leadership team. Our purpose is to use this experience to connect local producers to the agricultural value chain both domestically and internationally. With a background in managing river assets, we understand the needs not only of producers but also consumers whether domestic or export.
We seek to provide a customer-focused approach and a suite of marketing, transportation, and storage services to enhance opportunities for our producers.
Our geographic spread, from northern Iowa to southern Louisiana, and our strong commercial management give us a comprehensive view of the market and provide us with logistical flexibility that few independent companies can replicate.
With experienced teams locally at each facility we will continue to build on existing relationships, establish new ones, and grow together with the communities we serve

IBVN USA provides sales and service to the Americas - from Canada to Argentina. Our branch also provides engineering and design consulting services for rice processing to customers.
History: In 1955, the founder of Bui Van Ngo Company Limited, Bui Van Ngo, established his company in Saigon, Vietnam. In 1988, Bui Van Ngo Company Limited invented and began to produce rice processing machines. Our products have been exported to nations of the world including Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Australia, Bulgaria, Italy, Egypt, and more. In 2019, IBVN INTERNATIONAL was established in Virginia, USA as a branch of Bui Van Ngo Company Limited in the United States of America.
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