USRPA Social Media Campaign in China Continues with a Great Start

June 18, 2021

The social media campaign has received positive feedback and attention as the campaign China continues to promote U.S. rice. A translation of the positive marketing message used to educate and reach to Chinese market reads as:

Rice is clocked by the aura of the universe and is full of the essence of heaven and earth.

Rice is the main food of mankind and has fed the people for generations for eight thousand years.

Mountains and trees, grasslands and rivers, nature bred a harmonious and unified soil environment. The United States, a large agricultural country with 1.2 million hectares of rice arable land, cultivates about 10 million tons of rice every year. It has a variety of varieties, including all common long-grain and medium-short-grain varieties on the market. It is of high quality, non-GMO, environmentally friendly, clean, and consistent appearance, and has uniform rice grains. The rice is light in taste, full and chewy kernels, and will not lose quality when reheated. This is a solution to the homesickness of Chinese living overseas? Who is it to have inherited the bright fruits of Chinese civilization?

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