USRPA Visits China

September 1, 2023
USRPA is in China this week visiting Shanghai and SIAL Shenzhen, meeting with FAS Shanghai and Guangzhou and several China industry representatives. The trip started with a meeting with a contractor in Shanghai, and a visit of the Shanghai NGO office as required by China NGO law for the registration of USRPA’s non-government office in China. In the meantime, USRPA visited SIAL Shenzhen and met with FAS Guangzhou and the U.S. pavilion. SIAL Shenzhen is a food show exhibiting products from around the world. The trip also included meetings with a private importer Shenzhen Rui Li Lai and state-owned enterprise China Sino Grains. The meetings were productive, building relationships with China’s rice industry and promoting awareness of U.S. rice in the global market.
In Shanghai, with ATO Director Lashonda McLeod, Deputy Director Ted Shibata and team.
USRPA at the USA pavilion at SIAL Shenzhen with ATO director JoAnn Flemings, U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, and her team.
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