July 1st marked the start of USRPA’s digital campaign in El Salvador with the slogan: Eat Healthy, USA Rice, Guaranteed Nutrition. For this year’s campaign, a new Instagram account was created under the name of ArrozYSalud which will draw in a younger, active, and more involved audience. The account will feature influencers who will encourage healthy rice consumption with new dynamic and vibrant content.

Similarly, our Facebook account was revamped with a current following of 9,192 under the URL: http://www.facebook.com/arrozysalud.  The campaign shares important content via live videos and posts which encourage engagement.  Social media influencers, Chef Juan Salomón Miguel, who has an established career in traditional media and now on social media, and Rodrigo Valdivieso, a well know nutritionist to athletes, will be joining the campaign and bringing their followers to help spread the message that U.S. rice is healthy, tasty, economical and versatile.