USRPA's Digital Marketing Campaign in Guatemala Continues to Grow

May 27, 2021

Begining in 2020 USRPA and ARROZGUA have had to find new and innovative ways to teach Guatemala's population how to prepare delicious and diverse dishes using U.S. rice.  

USA Arroz's Digital Campaign started in April 2020 with 340 followers on its Facebook fan page and has since increased 789%! The page currently has over 5,000 followers, surpassing the fan page followers of renowned chefs and influencers. 

Supermarkets have reported an increase of 18% in rice sales in the last 8 months, and that trend continues to increase as just last month, local supermarket chains in Guatemala reported a sales increase of 23% in comparison to the previous year. Digital Campaign activities in Guatemala currently combine 3 broadcast channels: radio (RCN Radio Group), Television (TVQtv), and two digital platforms: ZOOM and Facebook Live, which are directly reaching a large and very diverse audience spanning several target groups.

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