USRPA's Promotional Work in El Salvador is Recognized Nationwide with Broadcasted Cooking Competition

July 30, 2021

On Wednesday, July 28th, the much anticipated Sabor USA competitive cooking event was held, which was broadcast on Facebook LIVE. Sixty students from the Culinary Arts school "Les Art Culinaires," in El Salvador, competed to prepare the best recipe with products imported from the United States, including a category for rice.

Students presented some amazing dishes including an impressive sweet rice dish with strawberries and dried fruit presented as a main course.

Jean Manes, the Charge d'affaires for El Salvador at the US Embassy was the guest of honor and gave the inaugural address at the competition. USRPA's promotional work and sponsorship of the event was recognized throughout the day, bringing attention to the nutritional benefits of US rice which the campaign, translated to "Eat Healthy, US Rice, Guaranteed Nutrition," continues to promote.

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