USRPA's Social Media Campaign in Mexico Proves Successful

September 16, 2022

Are you following USRPA’s social media campaign in Mexico? If you are not, please do! The Instagram and Facebook accounts are @consumearrozusa  Links below. 

Our 2022 Mexico campaigns began on April 1 and May 3, respectively. The USRPA team has worked with Raul Caballero, an in-market representative in Mexico, to develop a campaign that includes quick one-minute video recipes, written recipes, GIF-style recipe posts, and other informative posts.  


To make these video recipes, we’ve collaborated with three renowned chefs: Chef Melissa MorelosChef Carlos Leal, and Chef Alfredo Oropeza. Cumulatively, they have published 39 video recipes thus far. This type of content has the best reach with consumers with likes and comments. As of today, the videos have more than 453,000 views.


As part of the campaign, we’ve also posted complete recipes that include the listing of ingredients, preparation instructions and photos of the final recipe. With these types of posts, consumers have the opportunity to print the entire recipe and prepare it in the traditional manner.


GIF style recipes differ from "traditional" recipes in the form and style in which they are published. The GIF includes an attractive picture or element that has some moving components, taking the attention of the consumer. These posts tend to be attractive to consumers as well.


Last but not least, the campaign includes curated posts that will inform consumers about the different nutrients that the U.S. long grain rice offers.  We also provide relevant information about the health benefits of consuming rice on a regular basis, as well as tips for a better use of U.S. long grain rice through cooking recommendations.


From April 1 to August 31, the campaign has reached a total of 1,881,668 viewers with a total of 2,206,289 impressions. Metrics have accounted for 12,286 likes, 1,294 comments and 418 shares.

Some of the videos have reached interesting organic high audience numbers. For example, Chef Carlos Leal had a total of 14,442 views for his U.S. Rice with Grilled Octopus video. Another successful example was from Melissa Morelos with a total reach of 25,592 views for a Spinach Crepes recipe made with U.S. rice flour

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