Washington, D.C. Update

October 13, 2023
FSA announces second payment through the Rice Production ProgramLast Friday, the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) announced that eligible rice producers who received an initial program payment through the Rice Production Program would receive an additional payment of .28 cent per pound. Recipients will not be required to submit a new application and payments will be determined on previously reported data. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 provided USDA with the authority and funding to provide up to $250 million in assistance to rice producers to counter stagnant prices and high input costs during the 2022 crop year. Earlier this year, FSA provided payments to producers totaling $195 million under a payment rate of 1 cent per pound. House considers agriculture appropriations bill amendments this week, the full House considered the appropriations bill for USDA and the Food and Drug Administration for fiscal year 2024. The House considered and adopted amendments to the bill, many of which further reduced spending in the bill. Final passage of the bill is uncertain at this time due to concerns from members on the bill’s overall reduced spending levels and inclusion of a policy related to mifepristone.
The current fiscal year concludes on September 30 and barring passage of a continuing resolution by both chambers, a government shutdown will commence on October 1. As of Thursday afternoon, the Senate has introduced and moved forward with procedural steps on a continuing resolution to fund the government through November 17. While proposals for a continuing resolution have been introduced in the House, the chamber has yet to consider any legislation to fund the government for the short term.
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