Washington DC Updates

May 20, 2022

House Passes Ukraine Supplemental Assistance

On Tuesday, the House introduced and passed a bill for supplemental assistance for the Ukraine conflict. While the House’s version included $7 billion more in total spending than the President’s plan, it drastically reduced the agricultural provisions to only include $100 million for in-kind food aid. The House version did not include crop insurance and loan marketing assistance. The bill passed on a bipartisan 358-57 vote.

White House Introduces Plan to Support Domestic Agriculture

Responding to supply chain disruptions and price increases, on Wednesday the White House introduced a plan to lower costs for farmers. Most notably, the plan includes increasing the investment in domestic fertilizer production to $500 million.

House Agriculture Committee Welcomes New Member

The House Agriculture Committee announced Rep. Marcy Kaptur would be joining the House Agriculture Committee. Rep. Kaptur is a Democrat representing northern Ohio who also serves on the Appropriations Committee.

House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee Holds a Hearing on the USDA Budget Request

This week the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee held a hearing on the President’s FY23 budget request for USDA. During the hearing, members and Secretary Vilsack emphasized investments in rural America, supply chain and cost concerns, and climate and conservation.

USTR Announces New Chief of Staff

On Monday, the U.S. Trade Representative’s office announced Heather Hurlburt as the agency’s new chief of staff. Hurlburt replaces Ginna Lance, who has held the role since February 2021.

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